Innovation Sparks Creation!

In addition to proprietary software development for business, the following is a sample of our commercial software offerings and services to showcase our mobile application development and cross-platform focus.


Stats for Instagram

Instafy enables you to create beautiful graphical Instagram statistics, and to show off your Most Popular Images by summarizing them into a collage using your iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod touch® which then can be shared via Instagram, Email, and iMessage.


Multi-device file transfer

Share data between devices, without the stormy clouds. Tworb creates a direct connection to confidently and securely move data without the need for 3rd party storage service. Tworb can easily transfer data via wireless, 3G or 4G networks.


Bitcoin Mobile App

Coinbelly on your mobile phone is the easiest way to keep up with Bitcoin while on the go. The Coinbelly app features the latest Bitcoin price, crypto-currency news, Blockchain network analytics, block, transaction, and Bitcoin address details, seamlessly.


Crypto Currency Ticker

Track your favorite crypto-currency in real-time across the most popular exchanges. Developed by digital currency enthusiasts, Coinage extends the Mac OSX status menu into a live ticker detailing current Bitcoin and Litecoin rates.


Social Media Insight

PERK is specifically designed software to help enterprise social media teams, marketing and customer service organizations more effectively engage with customers communicating via social media.

Windows Home Server

The following are unsupported software offerings for the Microsoft Windows Home Server operating system. Due to limited demand, we do not provide our legacy products for download; however, if there is any interest, please touch base here.

Add-In Central

Grid Junction

Remote Alert

Grid Burn

Vista Caller ID

WHS Trigger