Tworb: Easy Multi-Device File Transfer

Tworb is specialized software designed to securely transfer data without leaving footprints. This makes Tworb the ideal transfer medium for entities that manage sensitive and proprietary information. No shadows or mirrors are created and your files NEVER reside beyond authorized devices.


Share data between devices, without the stormy clouds. Tworb creates a direct connection to confidently and securely move data without the need for 3rd party storage services.


Liberate your data! No need to hunt for (or replace) a USB cable to transfer data from mobile device to your Mac or Win PC. Tworb can easily transfer data via wireless, 3G or 4G networks.


Ever tried to send a large file over email, only to receive an error message? Good-bye email, hello Tworb, where you can send small and large files directly, quickly and easily.


When you install the Tworb app on your computer, you can access your files from almost anywhere.

Tworb for Mac OSX Beta Download
Tworb Windows Store App Beta Windows Store
Tworb for Windows Beta Download


Installing the Tworb mobile client will enable you to access your files on your computer remotely.

Tworb for iOS Beta Apple App Store
Tworb Windows Store App Beta Windows Store
Tworb for Android (coming soon) Beta Google Play

Tworb for Max OSX (Beta)

Tworb Windows Store App (Beta)

Tworb for Windows (Beta)

Tworb for iPhone (Beta)

Tworb for iPad (Beta)

Tworb Windows Store App (Beta)